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TTMA Membership Application Form

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Quote from the TTMA’s website:

If you are looking for companies in the Food and Beverage Sector, Printing and Packaging, Chemicals and Non Metallic Materials, Assembly Type Industries, Agro Processing, or even Distributors and other Manufacturing Service companies, then you are in the right place!

Our Directory, categorized by sub-sector, contains a full listing of all our member companies and their contact information, as well as their products or services. You will also learn about the benefits of becoming a member of the TTMA, endorsed by testimonials from Member companies regarding our valued services to them.

Finally you can click on Join the TTMA or fill out the form below to become a part of our dynamic Association and join us as we work together to make the Manufacturing sector a vibrant contributor to our nation’s commercial development!


TTMA Membership Application Form: Download Form

Updated Membership Application Brochure and Fee Structure: Download Brochure


For more information, please go to the TTMA’s website here.

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