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How to Design a Logo

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Designing a logo can take a few minutes, a few months or even a few years. Depending on your needs, budget and goals, there are different methods to creating a logo for your business. Before you continue, you should check out this article on the features of a great logo: Do I Need a Logo?

Now that you know what you’re looking for, there are a few options you can take:

1. Hire a Designer

We recommend this option because designers are professionals. They do this every day and they are fully aware not only of all the things that can go right with a design, but of all the things that can go wrong. A truly knowledgeable professional is one who not only knows the best way to achieve something, but who can also recognise and fix a problem in the shortest time possible. For this reason, we recommend hiring a designer for their opinions, and their knowledge of the field, so that they can walk you through the process from start to finish.

Looking for a great designer? Check out our recommendations here <Link to ‘Where can I find a graphic designer?>

2. Buy a vector

If you can’t find a designer who understands your vision, or if you’re strapped for cash, then check out stock sites like www.shutterstock.com and www.123rf.com. In the search bar, describe the image you have in your head, then add ‘vector’ or ‘logo’ at the end and see what comes up. For example, if you’re looking for a logo with a caterpillar in it, type in ‘caterpillar vector’ or ‘caterpillar logo’ and see what comes up. From there you can purchase the image from the site and use it as your logo. Some sites have restrictions on the usage of their images, so please be sure to check the terms and conditions on the site itself.

3. Do it yourself

Are you artistic? Do you have an untapped flair for logo design? If so, then pick up a thirty day trial of Adobe Illustrator here and check out these tutorials to get you off the ground. Depending on your aptitude and patience, you’ll be able to put together something great for yourself and feel a sense of pride every time you look at your logo.


There are sites like www.fiverr.com and www.crowdspring.com where you can pay a nominal fee and have a bunch of designs sent to you. While this option is cheap, you know how the saying goes: ‘cheap ting not good.’

Also, these sites send you so many designs, that it often causes choice paralysis and you end up being frustrated with the designs you receive. While it is an option to explore, we include it here only for awareness purposes and not as a recommendation.

If you’re still stuck and need some specific help, head over to the forums.

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