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What is this site for and who can use it?

The site is a guide to all things business. It is made for entrepreneurs, by entrepreneurs.

We wanted to create a central documentation for all things concerning developing a business. We saw the need for it with our own struggles to set up our digital marketing business. We wanted a place where we could find guides on how to do things correctly the first time. We know the frustration of standing in lines in government offices and trying to get paper work done. It takes away from the time you could be spending developing your grand idea.

However these processes are necessary, so we’re putting these guides together for you to be able to know the best way to do these things. In our own struggles, we often looked back and said “well if only I knew that before I did all this…” So we made this site to do just that. Here you have step by step instructions on how to accomplish specific business tasks.

This site is built for Trinidadians, by Trinidadians, hence certain sections such as our quick guide on how to register your business will have forms that are issued by the Trinidad and Tobago government. All of our other content however is universal, and can be applied to businesses around the world.

We hope the site helps you out, and that it can alleviate some of the frustration in the process of developing your business.

Thanks for stopping by!

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